Music Video

On August 1st 1981 MTV broadcast for the very first time, a historic moment which would revolutionize the music industry and pop culture at large, causing a generation of musicians to ask themselves: “How can I use the gifts I’ve been afforded by this new medium to further my art?” Ultimately though when I was making these I only asked myself: “Would this look good blaring through 30 screens at once in a hard rock cafe while a sad suburban dad chokes down a burger?”


Blake Shelton – (She Made All These) Words

Ike & Tom Are: Blake Shelton – A man whose lyrical prowess and mastery of the English language knows no bounds. (Dad. Did you see and/or like this video? Tom’s… Read more Blake Shelton – (She Made All These) Words

I Believe in Nashville (Dramp)

“DRAMP” (Noun/Verb) – A choreographed gathering in any parking garage involving socks, bright clothing, flour and trash bags at the least.  

Leading Me Now

Tallest man on Earth cover of Leading Me Now by: Emma Harvey

We Run This

A studio session and music video for “We Run This” by dnk.