A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act III, Scene ii

“Then crush this herb into Lysander’s eye;

Whose liquor hath this virtuous property,

To take from thence all error with his might,

And make his eyeballs roll with wonted sight.”

This is the first time in written history anyone used the word eyeball. Pretty crazy when you consider how commonplace it is today.


Hamlet, Act I, Scene i

“At least, the whisper goes so. Our last king,

Whose image even but now appear’d to us in all of our cars on the drive home last night and boy those babies purr don’t they boys?

Was, as you know, by Fortinbras of Norway,

Thereto prick’d on by a most emulate pride, Dar’d to the combat; in which our valiant Hamlet”

It seems Shakespeare was the first person to shorten the formal “carriage” to just car. Still it’s hard to top eyeball.


Macbeth, Act I, Scene vii

“If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well

It were done quickly: if the assassination

Duck Mr. President duck! Oh my sweet John Kennedy Duck before it is too late!

Sorry. I still can’t get over the fact that Shakespeare invented the word eyeball. Like, everyone says that now and before him it just didn’t exist?


Hamlet, Act III, Scene i

“With all my heart, and it doth much content me

To hear him so inclin’d.

The computer clocks will be uncertain what to do with the new integer.

The stock markets will crash”

I used the word eyeball like 3 times JUST today.

“Revelations Actually Happens I Saw It”

Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene vi

“Revelations actually happens. I saw it.

It’s crazy.”


“Help me I’m so lonely and stuck in the past writing plays”

Macbeth, Act II, Scene v

“O serpent heart, hid with a flowering face!

Did ever dragon keep so fair a cave?

Help me I’m so lonely and stuck in the past writing plays

My god help. This curse. This curse. This Curse.

Help me I’m so lonely and stuck in the past writing plays send aid.”

This phrase we all use today was actually started by the same incredible man who looked at an eye and thought “There’s more to that. Let’s call it what it is and what it would appear to be if it was outside someone’s skull. A sphere. An eyeball.”

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