College Assignment: Write A Brief Paragraph In Which A Character’s Mood Changes

College Answer:

Ants had always fascinated Karl. He remembered his 8th birthday vividly, the occasion on which his parents had given him his first ant farm. He catalogued and named each and every one. Henry, that was his favorite. So now as Karl, a grown man, inched ever closer to the tent, his pulse elevated. He was sweating in anticipation. The world’s largest ant, a scientific marvel, that’s what the creature had been billed as. The ant and its handlers had been touring the country on exhibition for weeks now and finally it had made a stop just seventy miles from where Karl lived. He made the drive without a second thought. After all, men have traveled far greater distances than seventy miles to achieve a dream. And now his travel, his planning, sleepless nights, it would all pay off. His hand gripped the curtain. In seconds he would be in the presence of his favorite animal, no, the finest possible genetic model of his favorite animal. Perfect in every way, a full six feet in length!

And so as Karl pulled back the curtain, his lungs filled with air and his eyes widened. His lungs and eyelids then entered a state of rigor mortis half a lifetime early. The rest of his body followed suit. Karl was frozen. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Was this? It was.

Karl was indeed staring, not at a 5’6 ant, but a 5’6 man in an ant costume. And not a well made ant costume mind you. It seemed the costume designer, a generous identification, had gone to staples, purchased three large black poster boards, cut them into circles, and taped them to this man in an effort to mimic an abdomen. As Karl stood still frozen, in the doorway, his eyes began to well up. Was it because he hadn’t blinked in minutes? Or was it the deep, slinking depression only a let down of this magnitude can inspire? The latter. Pipe cleaners for antennae? How dare they! And was… My god was the man in the costume smoking? Karl gripped the curtain so tight his hand bloodied. His last thought before he passed out: “perhaps it was presumptuous to book my hotel here for two nights”.

Grade: A

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