LINCOLN, NE- During a recent visit to the home of her long time dog walker to pick up her beloved pet after work, Barbara Franklin was disturbed to witness the man responsible for 10 dogs each and every day, reach into a cupboard for a glass and unintentionally reveal at least 25 jars of peanut butter. “I mean I suppose he could just really enjoy peanut butter,” commented Franklin uneasily petting her defiled Pomeranian Peaches, “But that was a lot of Peanut Butter. And the only other thing I saw in the cabinet was dog treats”. Franklin then proceeded to open a jar of peanut butter to gauge her pet’s reaction “My god did you see that? He bolted right over here. That guy is definitely making my dog lick his balls everyday”. At press time Franklin had gone upstairs to ask her son how he was doing with The Boy Scouts.

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