Silver City- Vowing to avenge his slaughtered parents to his quickly impending last breath, local 10 year old Timmy Baker found he was experiencing some “pretty crazy changes” after falling into a vat of toxic ooze while practicing karate down by the old ship yard. “Before I could only lift like 20 pounds” remarked Baker from his fortress of solitude, a quarantine ward at Silver City general, “But now I can lift thirty! But then it hurts and I have to lay down and rest for a day and the doctors yell at me for trying.” Spectators at the shipyard found themselves in awe of the sudden transformation “When he fell in we all gasped” commented one construction worker lifting his helmet to wipe sweat from his brow, “But then when he came out, we gasped louder because he looked much weaker and worse. He shouldn’t have been playing up there. Really dangerous.” “It’s like… Well it’s like his DNA is changing”, Commented Baker’s doctor “we’ve never seen anything like it. We just don’t know what will happen next. But we feel he’ll probably die.” At press time Baker had been sent out the front door of the hospital to face a slew of super villains threatening to blow it up.

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