Self awareness is the new sexy. Life’s uncontrollable. So how you see it, perception, is all that defines you. Most people don’t know who the fuck they are cause it’s scary to find out and easier to post about who they THINK they are. So they spend all day wondering why they can’t find anyone as “interesting” or “in touch” as them on tinder or facebook. Life-lesson: It’s because they’re on tinder and facebook. You’re a part of a generation that’s allowed their media and social networks to convince them OBVIOUS behavior is “something special”. Look at any buzzfeed article. But trust me. EVERYONE. Is boring. But there is hope. Because truly boring people don’t know they’re boring. They dull it by posting about their importance. A gift and placebo this decade gave the weak. But they missed the trend. When some of us let the hurt in a little and felt the planet move despite the inherent fear of finding the ground has always wanted to kill us. Then we figured out what to make of it for ourselves exclusively. Not for others. Your kickstarters, your causes, your art, your relationship statuses, they aren’t for those you’re “helping” or “giving to” if they’re here. They’re for you. Now the hope. The new way to be. While, yes unfortunately and tragically, truly boring people have no clue they’re boring, Unique, interesting people KNOW they’re boring. So they stop seeking the approval of those around them. As a result. They leave ideas the likes of which the people posting everyday in public could never so much as wrap their minds around hidden and secret on the pages of un-produced scripts, lyrics, and journals. Injustice continues for the time being as the squeaky wheel gets the grease while symphonies get rust. But it’s okay. Because I’ve met these men. I’ve met these women. And they don’t care. They know. And they don’t care. To be clear, posting this on facebook (the place where self awareness goes to die) isn’t lost on me. But “not lost on me” is the one thing everyone needs always. My point. Either way this one just didn’t feel right sitting in the journal. Self awareness is the new sexy yankos. And ignorance isn’t bliss, acceptance is. Good eve. Stay sexy.

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