Just The Tips

So it’s been an unsuccessful life for you thus far eh? It’s good to hear you finally admit that. And it’s to be expected anyway. After all you’re just now stumbling across this page. I assume up until this point your sad story has been one long string of misguided attempts to find meaning  in this world by processing events and choosing your behavior on you own. Not to worry. You’re in safe hands now. And while sadly I can’t be there for every event in your life the way I wish I could, (wedding invites please) I can give you tidbits of advice. I can’t give you all I’ve got. But I can give you Just The Tips.


Surviving A Trump Presidency

So Donald Trump is your president huh? Never fear. I have JUST THE TIPS for surviving this chaotic divisive chapter in out nation. Anarchy in the streets. Anarchy in the… Read more Surviving A Trump Presidency

Going Green

We’ve all heard the warnings: “Watch your carbon footprint!” “Don’t dump oil in the Gulf!” “Hold this polar bear while I take a picture of my crying Native American uncle!”… Read more Going Green

Moving To A New City

So you’re moving to the big city huh? Great! Sometimes in life you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take a chance. But it can be nerve… Read more Moving To A New City


It’s been an insane winter. There’s no possible way you were prepared. You, the reader, are after all, an idiot. Luckily though I, the writer, am a MENSA* award winning… Read more Winter

College Exams

It’s exam week. I’m not stressed at all. Ask me why… SHUT UP! Don’t ask me questions. Follow these tips and ace your finals. Take time away from studying to… Read more College Exams

Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide

You did it. It’s Thanksgiving evening and you survived your family right? WRONG. DEAD WRONG. The game is just beginning. They’re in the other room plotting against you as you… Read more Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Black Friday

The holiday shopping season is upon us. May the odds be ever in your favor. It is NOT okay to call it “African American Friday” Remember; The employees at these… Read more Black Friday


If you’re going out this Halloween here are some ways to keep yourself safe: Avoid eye contact. Murderers are OBSESSED with eye contact. NEVER BREAK EYE CONTACT. This way others… Read more Halloween