Worst Drafts

Ahh yes. Literature. The written word. Society’s guiding light. Amish television. The author’s pen truly is mightier than the sword. But what of the moments during a sword fight when a swordsman sucks and dies? Should we not judge these authors objectively? Should we not see the early drafts of their greatest works as well as the finished product? My lawyers, my colleagues, and my wife have all assured me the answer to that question is no. I however feel an overwhelming sense of duty, to bring to all you great readers the truest forms of these works. May you judge them with care or malice on a whim. These are Worst Drafts: History’s Greatest Authors’ Worst Mistakes.

The Raven

Foreword: Edgar Allan Poe: author, poet, editor, literary critic, total weirdo. A true master of horror, Poe constructed gripping stories for his avid following of claustrophobes. Who could forget the… Read more The Raven

A Christmas Carol

Foreword: Charles Dickens. The very name elicits, in all of us, memories of Christmas past, if you’ll excuse the pun, and you will excuse the pun. Yes one way or… Read more A Christmas Carol